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Auto Safe Deposit Lockers
Auto Safe Deposit Lockers
These are automated systems of safe deposit lockers located in a high-security vault which customers can access from a self service terminal in a secure room. A robot delivers the locker to the terminal when the correct ID has been given. Customers can access the contents of their lockers any time with the help of their bank cards and bio-metric verification to enter the secure room.
Product Type          : Safe Deposit Lockers
Application              : Banks
Locking System     : Biometric + Card + Pin + Key
Safe Deposit Locker Cabinet

Lockersmiths uncompromising quality standards and rigidly controlled manufacturing processes result in cabinets that are superior in all aspects – security, reliability, strength and aesthetics.
Guarded by solid frame construction and stainless steel cladding, this locker cabinet is the best security for all the vaulted storage. The cabinets are manufactured in various bin configurations on request.

Product Type          : Safe Deposit Lockers

Application              : Financial Institutions, Banks Etc

Locking System     : Dual control lock for each box

FR Safe Deposit Locker Vault
FR Safe Deposit Locker Vault

With all the advantages of a safe deposit locker cabinet, these lockers are enclosed in fire resistant cabinet.
Main slab of this cabinet operates just like a regular cash vault with user defined locking system operating the shooting bolts mechanism. The cabinets can be manufactured in multiple configurations as per the request of client.

Product Type          : Safe Deposit Locker

Application              : Financial Institutions, Banks Etc

Locking System     : Shooting Bolts, Dual Cont

Student Lockers
These lockers are manufactured after the required details from the institution have been received.
The main purpose of these lockers is to store personal belongings of students such as sports attire, bags and other relevant material they are expected to bring to their schools and universities.
Product Type          : Personal Storage
Application              : Schools, Universities
Locking System     : Individual pad locks, Digital
student locker
Staff Gymnasium Lockers
Staff / Gymnasium Lockers
This personal storage gives workers / clients a secure space with the option of integrating power to charge mobile devices.
Available in mixed materials such as wood and metal combination, it can define space and integrate seamlessly with other work-space furniture.
Product Type          : Personal Storage
Application              : Offices, Gym, Pools, Spa Etc
Locking System     : Electronic / Biometric +