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Inverted “Y” Louver Doors
Lockersmiths inverted “Y” louvers blades with 1½” spacing are sight proof from either side and available in custom sizes. These doors can be installed at various points where air ventilation is necessary but not at the cost of privacy.
Product Type         : Louvers
Application             : Hospitals, Privacy
Locking System    : Project Specified
Sand Trapped Louver Doors

The sand trap louver is used as pre-filtering of air in areas exposed to extreme levels of dust pollution.
It has a degree of separation of sand and large dust particles, even in cases of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self-cleaning and maintenance-free.

Product Type          : Louvers

Application              : For Dust Free Ventilated Rooms

Locking System     : Project Specified

Fixed “Z” Louver Doors
Lockersmiths “Z” louver blades are sight proof from one side only and are available in custom sizes. These door are mostly installed in power generation rooms, parking floors and storage warehouses. Specialized fire rated mechanism can also be installed on special request.
Product Type          : Louvers
Application              : Schools & Institutional Buildings
Locking System     : Mortise Latch, Project Specified
Fire Rated Louvers

Adjustable Fusible Link Louvers are recommended for use in fire rated doors.
When exposed to 74° C, the Fusible Link trips and the spring loaded louver blades shut, to form an air tight and smoke seal.

Product Type          : Louvers

Application              : Fire Doors, Ventilators

Locking System     : NA

acoustic louvers
Acoustic Louvers

These louvers are designed to provide optimal acoustic performance with minimal airflow restrictions.
Acoustic louvers are manufactured with a choice of finishes and material options. Lockersmiths offers a range that will meet your acoustic, aerodynamic and security requirements.

Product Type          : Louvers

Application              : Noise Control Spaces

Locking System     : N/A or User Specified