Product Portfolio

                            Mini Vaults

Drop Box

Simple yet elegant, the Lockersmiths Drop Box provides an easy access to your cash and documents.
Manufactured from heavy gauge sheet metal and stainless steel shooting bolts, The locking mechanism is installed as per client’s requirements.

Product Type          : Mini Vault

Application              : Banks, Social Organisations

Locking System     : Bio-metric / Pin Pad / Key

Electronic Home Safe

Constructed of mild-steel, each of our electronic safes come with a solenoid based locking system.
Digital electronic safes are a convenient option. With a digital lock there’s no more searching for the key – you and any authorized family member can open the safe by typing the code into the battery powered electronic keypad.

Product Type          : Mini Vaults

Application              : Home, Office,

Locking System     : Electronic Solenoid Based Lock

Electronic Home Safe
Electronic Hotel Safe
Electronic Hotel Safe
Constructed of mild steel ranging up-to 4 mm, each of our hotel safes is fully motorized with shooting bolts. The locks come with an LED display, audit trail and emergency openings by high security emergency key. Custom colors and sizes are manufactured as per client’s specifications.
Product Type          : Mini Vaults
Application              : Hotels
Locking System     : Motorised Pin Pad Lock
Drawer Box

These electronic drawer boxes have a same operational mechanism as electronic home safes.
This top opening and drawer keypad safes store valuables in its 12 gauge sheet steel body and is powered by 4 AA batteries. The locks can also be installed as per user requirements.

Product Type          : Mini Vaults

Application              : Offices, Schools, Banks Etc

Locking System     : Solenoid Based Lock

drawer Box
Concealed Storage Systems
These wall frames, shelves and drawers are hidden in plain sight. They are equipped with our proprietary locking mechanism operated via Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi (optional). No hassle for keys or cards.
Product Type          : Hidden Storage
Application              : Everywhere
Locking System     : Bluethooth, NFC, RFID