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Company Overview

Lockersmiths pvt Ltd brings along 140 years heritage of the lock making and cabinets fabrication from the well renowned family of H.M. Abdullah, integrating state-of-the-art technology for high precision manufacturing, where we continue the legacy of providing robust and reliable solutions to your security and storage requirements.

The company started its journey as a sole proprietorship in 2004, going through a registered Partnership firm to present Day incorporated status as private limited company.

We are now one of the largest manufacturers of Secure Storage Solutions in Pakistan with state-of-the-art facility.

Learn Our Plan

We are a continuous development company. We keep on discovering and evaluating new design trends.

What started as a sheet metal fabrication company in a small warehouse is now a manufacturing brand dealing in secure storage, customised metal and wooden furniture and architectural products and services.

We always push our boundaries to facilitate the client for an experience unlike the norms

We Keep on exploring the world as well and brings products that are not available here. We are already representing 3 different companies here in pakistan and are on continuous search for better and interesting products. We are a team committed to excel in what we do; bringing you products that speak for themselves.

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