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Our Story

Lockersmiths was estabilished in 2004 by our founder and current CEO Dr. Umar Farooq who had a vision to transform the manufacturing process of metal furniture in Pakistan.

They Came in Mission to manufatcure these product effciently and offer more product in local market.

An exhibition visit in Korea is where it all started; to automize the manufacturing process A very first interaction to CNC Turret Puching Machine there made Dr Umer determined to have such facility in pakistan.

After years of working towards our mission, we are now the only secure storage manufacturing company in Pakistan with almost entire production facility running CNC machines, from punch presses, to bending, folding, plasma cutting, lathes and machining centers.

We are now capable to cater to a diverse range of industrial and consumer sheet metal products ranging from secure vaults, specialized doors, electonic enclosures etc.

Estabilished 2004
Sole Proprietorship

Lockersmiths was founded by Umar Farooq after his keen interest to manufacture banking security furniture unlike any other company

Registered Partnership

A single vist to Korea results in a purchase of Out First CNC Turret Punch Press. More Capital is invested, and the rest is history

Private Limited Company

The company gets incorporated to keep up with expansion and to enter new local and international markets

International Collaborations

We now represent Investwood S.A (Portugal), & IQ Doors (Turkey) as sole authorized representative in Pakistan, to name a few

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